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Bucket List
Bucket List

Live the life you have imagined with My Bucketlist®!

What is on your bucket list? Do you have more than one bucket list? Ever lose your bucket list?

Hearing conversations from friends, family, on social media and watching TV there is not a day that goes by without someone mentioning their bucket list, My Bucketlist® is a way to help folks achieve their dreams and to inspire them to take the first step.

Bucket List

While we were on a box store shopping trip, we overheard someone talking about their bucket list. We just happened to be in the summer product section and spotted a really cool ice bucket and the light bulbs went off!

Our entrepreneurial minds immediately thought “Wow, why not use an actual bucket for a bucket list – you can’t lose that!” We brought the bucket home, re-adjusted it, tried some artwork on it (we are not artists but can clearly picture what we want in our minds) and that is when My Bucketlist® was invented for everybody.

My Bucketlist® can improve your life in many ways. First, you write down your list on the front and back of your bucket. Then it’s right there in front of you every day. My Bucketlist® looks fantastic in any room of your home and it is an absolute amazing conversation starter! You can start to picture in your mind what those goals, wishes and dreams will feel like when you accomplish them. Your friends and family will start to talk about their dreams with you and make plans together. They will want their own My Bucketlist® too.

My Bucketlist®  has a slot on the top of the lid so it can be passed around at parties for donations and such. Watch our funny family video of it being passed around for our Uncle Bobby at a Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. There is also plenty of storage inside for your bucket list journal, USB’s, mementos and so much more.

When you accomplish a goal, you can check it off with our included bucket list dry erase marker. Then erase it and write down new ones every time. What a sense of accomplishment for you and everyone to see. Even if it’s just getting to the gym this week!

Free Bucket List Ideas
My Bucketlist® for kids
Free ideas for a bucket list
Free bucket list ideas
About the Inventors

What adventures we have had throughout our lives! The mother-daughter team of Juanita and Dianne and the sister / Aunt Sandy have been together in creating, helping and enjoying entrepreneurship since 1993!

Starting with a small gift shop in rural Indiana, being inventors of the Original Lightcicles and on to Snowtime Anytime and NOW My Bucketlist®! With every product we have invented, we have always strived to make folks happy, to help, and improve their lives.  My Bucketlist®

is our latest, best, new creation. My Bucketlist®  is the “go to” gift for everyone on your list and yourself. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has everything, a great gift to give to a family, a college or high school graduation gift, wedding presents, retirements and more!

We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, World News Tonight, QVC and many more. With over 25 years experience in China working with our exclusive agent we are production ready, and very passionate about My Bucketlist.

My Bucketlist® Apparel
Bucket list shirt
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Conquer your bucket list
My Bucketlist® Dream

We have a dream to take My Bucketlist® on the Road and hear YOUR stories in person about your bucket list!

RV Dream Bucketlist
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